Meet Capacity Inspector, the Amazing Operational Planning Tool

Capacity Inspector is your new favorite project planning tool! Create Gantt charts, capacity plans, headcount allocations, and resource plans like a pro! With our suite of capacity planning tools you can simplify both your annual planning process and your day-to-day Gantt chart needs.
Free Gantt Charts
Create unlimited, beautiful Gantt charts for free.
Capacity Planing
Easily visualize your capacity, key projects, and resources.
Make it easy to visualize key above and below the line projects
Headcount Planning
Easy headcount budget planning against project needs.
Task Linking
Link your Gantt tasks together and define dependencies between them.
Customize the design of your plans and Gantt charts to get the look-and-feel you need.
Private & Secure
Data is stored on your device and not saved anywhere in the cloud.