Meet the Capacity Planning Tool

Welcome to the Capacity Inspector’s capacity planning module — a simple way to visualize and manage your project's resource allocation, human capacity, or headcount needs. No need to hassle with sign-ups, credit cards, or complicated configurations. Just click here to go to the projects page and setup your first Capacity plan.

A Tool for Managers, by Managers

Built with project and people managers in mind, this tool serves as your go-to solution for capacity planning. Office or knowledge workers across industries will find the features adaptable to their specific needs.
Capacity values are automatically calculated as you use the app.
Customize, Print, and Screenshot!
Customize the design of your capacity plan. Compact mode is print friendly.
Private & Secure
Data is stored on your device and not saved anywhere in the cloud.
Easy Drag
Easy to use: drag tasks around to reorder them.
Make it easy to visualize above and below the line projects.
Headcount Planning
Easy headcount budget planning against project needs.

Why Capacity Planning?

Capacity planning allows you to forecast resource needs and limitations. With a simple, intuitive interface, you can define your total capacity as a numerical value that represents whatever you need it to. Planning a yearly plan for 10 people? Then setup a plan for 10 person-years. Need to setup a floor plan for 10 machines that work non-stop through the day? Then setup a resource plan for 240 machine hours. Doing a sprint plan with 200 points of capacity? Use that as your measure.

Setting Up Your Capacity Plan

Jump in and set up your capacity in seconds. Once you've defined your numerical representation, you can start adding projects and specifying the required resources or 'capacity' for each one. For example, a capacity of 0.5 would signify that one person would work on a project for six months.

Prioritize Projects with Drag-and-Drop

Our interface allows you to effortlessly drag and drop projects to prioritize them. This not only helps in visualizing which projects will fit within your defined capacity but also shows you which are 'above and below the line', helping you make informed decisions quickly.

Simplicity and Accessibility

The Capacity Plan module operates on a simple principle: what you see is what you get. The straightforward interface is optimized for both desktop and mobile browsers, compatible with versions from the last five years. And the best part? It's completely free.

Your Data, Your Control

Concerned about data security? Don't be. All your data remains local, stored securely on your device until you decide otherwise. Future plans include a paid option for cloud storage and data backup, but only when we see sufficient demand and usage.

Next Steps

As of now, we’re keen on refining this tool based on your feedback and usage. Your involvement will shape the future features and functionalities. Join us in planning smarter, not harder!