Capacity Inspector Examples

This page is a growing repository of examples of how to use Capacity Inspector across different industries. Our resource planner and Gantt diagram modules fit a variety of use-cases and can help you keep track of your project, visualize work and resources, and plan headcount. Capacity Inspector is a workforce management software tool that can adopt to your needs.
Construction Schedule
This example shows how to apply budget plans and Gantt diagrams in the construction industry. For a new fixer-upper renovation, we’ll look at how to create timelines and price quotes.
Marketing & Advertising Timelines
With this example you can see how to use Gantt diagrams for online, social, SEO, and offline marketing campaigns and timelines. You can also use the capacity planner to track the budget.
Manufacturing Project Timelines
An example of using Gantt diagrams to streamline a product manufacturing project: from the initial stages of product design and prototyping to the production phase.
NGO Educational Project
This example shows a day-in-the life of Julie, an NGO project manager, as she assembles a budget plan and working backwards Gantt chart for a new education initiative.

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