Free NGO Project Planning and Visualization Software

Capacity Inspector is an intuitive tool for agile NGOs looking to quickly identify highest value-adding activities and execute. Below you will find a sample of how our capacity tool helps organizations prioritize and budget work. After that, you can see a demo of our Gantt diagram tool. With it, you can to visualize, plan, track, and deliver your project. The tool is 100% free to use, so give it 5 minutes and let us amaze you!

Capacity Plan

Picture this: our NGO project manager, let’s call her Julie, just received $15k to organize a series of educational programs and events in an underprivileged area. Since this is a tough budget to work with, Julie has to prioritize and Capacity Inspector makes it easy for her to visualize and play around with budget plan. Have a look at the sample below and feel free to play around with it.

Sample Education Program Budget



Lecturer Salaries
Curriculum Development
Classroom Supplies
Educational Software
Field Trips
Guest Speakers (Transport/Hotel fees)
TikTok and Instagram Ads

Gantt Diagram Example for a Construction Project

Below is a sample of planned work for Julie’s educational program, organized in a simple Gantt chart with two sub-projects: Curriculum and Event planning. Tasks are organized to intentionally show dependencies and timelines for each. Feel free to play around: add a new task, change the dates, assign a progress level, and so on!

Sample NGO education project timeline

Task list
AugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberJanuary 20232024
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